Gallery is here!

Ok - here it is - SEARCHABLE GALLERY - only a few images up at the moment, well over 150 to be added in the coming months. So many images of finished work which need to be published here on the site.

Rites Of Passage 2015

It’s over once again, battled it out with the flu over 3 days in the cold old exhibition buildings in Carlton with some great clients, cool tattoo friends & some new faces.
Look forward to next year when my convention buddy Rudie Rashid is back, and we’ll most likely do Hong Kong later this year along with the other Melbourne Tattoo Convention at Exhibition Centre.

Guest Spots...

I will be working Seventh Circle in Brisvegas from 24th to 26th July with Lawrence Hocking & the crew - looking forward to it.
I will also be doing a spot at Progression Tattoo in Adelaide from 6th to 8th August with Matt Deverson & his crew - should be great.
If you are keen to be tattooed whilst I’m in town get in contact with Bronwyn via


Ink Dots Black Spots print

Here is my artwork contribution to the 2013 Ink Dots Black Spots group exhibition which is coming to a close on 8th December. But never fear, it’s not to late, there is still a handful of these prints left which you can get from - the guys who did all the awesome screen printing for both Ink Dots Black Spots 2012 & 2013. They are silk screen printed 1 colour onto acid free cream 280gsm stock with archival ink, & are part of an edition of 25, all signed & numbered.


Classic Good Weekend, idiot!

Sometimes the media works in your advantage - not often, but sometimes…. this is not one of those times,
this stylist figured it would be ‘hip’ to do ‘stay puff make up pencil fake tattoo script’ on the model on the front cover!
That won’t result in girls asking for side finger script tattoos! Nah, probably get upset when they are told they can’t get it, either.
Or someone will do it, then it’ll look all blown out just like the make up version below….

finger tattoos are hard to do, hard to heal & hard to make look good & especially hard to remove if it’s your first taste of tattooing.
Accessories are seasonal like the handbags fashion houses have you salivating after, tattoos aren’t.

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