Breaking Bad (Br Bd)

Excerpt from “From Mr Chips to Scarface” in Big Issue no442.
BI - How did you market the end of Breaking Bad?
Bryan Cranston (Walter White) - Anytime in the last episode, when characters were finished with their work for that episode, we’d have a goodbye & more champagne. That’s why it ended so well. So, on the very last day, a lot of crew members were saying, “I’m going to get a tattoo”… It just so happened that a very talented tattoo artist in our art department was going to be there & set up shop to give tattoos out. It was a very Breaking Bad thing. In my particular age group, we don’t get tattoos. When I was a kid, anybody that had a tattoo was either in the Hell’s Angels or in the Navy. So, I decided that I was going to do it, & I had to figure out where to put it. It’s a little ‘Br Ba’ elemental chart, on the inside of my ring finger, on my right hand.

Cool little sign off in my opinion - goodbye Breaking Bad you will be missed… luckily we’ve still got Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead & Orange is the New Black!!

Ink Dots Black Spots 2

Save this date -
Thursday 28th November 2013Pasted Graphic
The sequel is coming! After the success of last years show the round up has occurred, artists have submitted their works, we are well underway to
Ink Dots Black Spots 2!!
The event will be held at The Aviary in Abbotsford, where we held half of last years opening night, but this year we are taking over the entire venue.
The weather will be a little better, sun will be out longer, so the night should be even bigger. Hope you can make it down to check out the Melbourne tattoo talent and enjoy a drink with us.

Tattoos Downunder #87

This week the latest version of Tattoos Downunder will hit the new stands - #87 brings a number of cool items,
but thanks to my friends Ben McGill & Nicole Reed (
A Shot Away Photography) is also has an artist feature on little old me!
If you get a chance take a look - it’s got the standard interview info that Ben extracted from me, like overalls in the 90s,
Blue Heelers & Sons of Anarchy & also a mention regarding the upcoming sequel to
Ink Dots Black Spots.
Thanks to Nicole for getting my best angle - she knows how to get a portrait!


New Simplesime tattoo website is LIVE!

New site is up! - after a long time in the planning stages I’ve finally got around to building & publishing this site.
It’s always a larger task than planned - a thank you to all my clients who’ve made the effort to come in & have their portraits taken -
it’s appreciated!! I’m still tracking down more, when we both have time we’ll tick them off - so keep an eye out as I’ll be adding them as they are photographed.

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