Breaking Bad (Br Bd)

Excerpt from “From Mr Chips to Scarface” in Big Issue no442.
BI - How did you market the end of Breaking Bad?
Bryan Cranston (Walter White) - Anytime in the last episode, when characters were finished with their work for that episode, we’d have a goodbye & more champagne. That’s why it ended so well. So, on the very last day, a lot of crew members were saying, “I’m going to get a tattoo”… It just so happened that a very talented tattoo artist in our art department was going to be there & set up shop to give tattoos out. It was a very Breaking Bad thing. In my particular age group, we don’t get tattoos. When I was a kid, anybody that had a tattoo was either in the Hell’s Angels or in the Navy. So, I decided that I was going to do it, & I had to figure out where to put it. It’s a little ‘Br Ba’ elemental chart, on the inside of my ring finger, on my right hand.

Cool little sign off in my opinion - goodbye Breaking Bad you will be missed… luckily we’ve still got Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead & Orange is the New Black!!
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