Gallery is here!

Ok - here it is - SEARCHABLE GALLERY - only a few images up at the moment, well over 150 to be added in the coming months. So many images of finished work which need to be published here on the site.

Tattoos Downunder #87

This week the latest version of Tattoos Downunder will hit the new stands - #87 brings a number of cool items,
but thanks to my friends Ben McGill & Nicole Reed (
A Shot Away Photography) is also has an artist feature on little old me!
If you get a chance take a look - it’s got the standard interview info that Ben extracted from me, like overalls in the 90s,
Blue Heelers & Sons of Anarchy & also a mention regarding the upcoming sequel to
Ink Dots Black Spots.
Thanks to Nicole for getting my best angle - she knows how to get a portrait!

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