Classic Good Weekend, idiot!

Sometimes the media works in your advantage - not often, but sometimes…. this is not one of those times,
this stylist figured it would be ‘hip’ to do ‘stay puff make up pencil fake tattoo script’ on the model on the front cover!
That won’t result in girls asking for side finger script tattoos! Nah, probably get upset when they are told they can’t get it, either.
Or someone will do it, then it’ll look all blown out just like the make up version below….

finger tattoos are hard to do, hard to heal & hard to make look good & especially hard to remove if it’s your first taste of tattooing.
Accessories are seasonal like the handbags fashion houses have you salivating after, tattoos aren’t.


Nicky Rowsell - A super creative blog

A friend of mine whom I’ve known for years & years has set up a great blog with interviews with all types of creative people - she just knows so many people it astounds me! Nicky was kind enough to do an interview with me - covering the basic questions I get from most of the people I discuss tattooing with, and we even had sometime to cover the upcoming Ink Dots Black Spots 2 exhibition. Take a look here

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Breaking Bad (Br Bd)

Excerpt from “From Mr Chips to Scarface” in Big Issue no442.
BI - How did you market the end of Breaking Bad?
Bryan Cranston (Walter White) - Anytime in the last episode, when characters were finished with their work for that episode, we’d have a goodbye & more champagne. That’s why it ended so well. So, on the very last day, a lot of crew members were saying, “I’m going to get a tattoo”… It just so happened that a very talented tattoo artist in our art department was going to be there & set up shop to give tattoos out. It was a very Breaking Bad thing. In my particular age group, we don’t get tattoos. When I was a kid, anybody that had a tattoo was either in the Hell’s Angels or in the Navy. So, I decided that I was going to do it, & I had to figure out where to put it. It’s a little ‘Br Ba’ elemental chart, on the inside of my ring finger, on my right hand.

Cool little sign off in my opinion - goodbye Breaking Bad you will be missed… luckily we’ve still got Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead & Orange is the New Black!!

Tattoos Downunder #87

This week the latest version of Tattoos Downunder will hit the new stands - #87 brings a number of cool items,
but thanks to my friends Ben McGill & Nicole Reed (
A Shot Away Photography) is also has an artist feature on little old me!
If you get a chance take a look - it’s got the standard interview info that Ben extracted from me, like overalls in the 90s,
Blue Heelers & Sons of Anarchy & also a mention regarding the upcoming sequel to
Ink Dots Black Spots.
Thanks to Nicole for getting my best angle - she knows how to get a portrait!

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